The Best Types Of Facebook Content

What Are The Best Types Of Facebook Content?

The correct answer to this question will always be “whatever your audience wants” but that would mean that this article would be very short so we will give you some useful pointers here. The type of content that you post on Facebook will certainly affect your engagement rates and the traffic that you get from the platform.

Your Facebook Page

Before we get into the different types of content that get the best results let’s talk about your Facebook Page. You need to make this as attractive as possible to your audience and this means that your cover photo needs to be good and so does your intro and the other components.

Pay careful attention to your cover photo. If this is poor quality or looks like a 5 year old created it then this will certainly put users off. Nobody is going to look at any of your content if your Facebook Page sucks.

High Quality Images

Facebook is a very visual medium. Users want to see good images that inform and entertain them. Don’t just get a lot of stock photos and use these. Take photographs of yourself and other people in your business.

Images with captions on them are good for getting clicks through to your website. You do not need to be a Photoshop genius to create striking captions for your images. You can use free online tools such as to add good looking captions for free.

Try to use images that are related to your niche. If you own a restaurant for example, post images of your best dishes and the décor of your establishment. Take pictures of your kitchen and the people that work in it.

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Get busy with your camera and take as many interesting photographs as you can. People share a lot of photographs on Facebook so you need to do the same. Humorous images work well as do pictures of beauty.

Use Native Video

Did you know that each day on Facebook users view over 8 billion videos? This shouldn’t surprise you as video is really popular these days with sites like keeping people informed and entertained all of the time.

It is natural for you to create videos about your business and upload them to YouTube because it is the largest video platform. But if you just add links to YouTube videos in your Facebook posts you will miss out on a lot of potential views.

We recommend that you create videos just for Facebook and upload these natively to the platform. Facebook will always give native videos a higher priority than links to external video platforms.

Facebook users like native videos as well as they do not have to leave the social network to view them. Create square style videos especially for your Facebook posts. There are several online tools that will help you to do this. As most people use mobile devices to log in to Facebook, square videos just look a lot better in their news feeds.

Short Posts are better

Make your Facebook posts as short as you can. Facebook users do not want to read a 1,000 word post. Provide some interesting facts about the longer post on your website and let the user click through if they want to read more.

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